Drive In Racking



First Office Storage Concepts Drive-in / Drive-through racking reduces the
amount of conventional traffic aisles, permitting maximum use of space
for high density, floor-to-ceiling palletized storage

Drive In Racking allows vehicles to enter the storage area for pallet
placement in a back-to-front arrangement, and requires the operator
to back-out of the rack after pallet placement. Drive In Racking is
ideally suited for “FIRST-IN / LAST-OUT” inventory management. Drive In
systems can also be designed as “double entry systems” in a back to back
arrangement. Double entry systems allow for greater density and allow for
entry on both sides of the system.

Drive Through Racking has two access aisles for loading and retrieval. Lift
Trucks can pass through the rack bay, placing loads on supporting rails
from one side, and exit in the same direction. Trucks can also enter the
rack bay from the opposite side to remove loads. Drive-Through Racking is
well suited for “FIRST-IN / FIRST-OUT” inventory movement.

Both Drive-In and Drive-Through systems offer the advantages of high-
density storage and lower costs.