Racking is world wide the most commonly used system for storing of pallets.


• It’s a very flexible system.
• Easy adjustment of beam levels.
• Various decking media can be utilised eg. timber decks to create stock
picking levels.
• Can be relocated
• Engineered to make catwalks or mezzanine floors.
• Easy access to all stock
• Optimising of space; utilising height.
• Flexibility in the capacity of weight: heavier of lighter weights can be stored.
• Special material for storing in cold rooms: galvanised light rack.

First Office Storage Concepts majors in integrated warehouse planning because our experience has taught us that a well designed racking system is the key to optimal throughput efficiency.

We provide you with a comprehensive range of racking and storage systems for storing everything from pallets, containers, cartons to long loads. The efficiency of the entire material flow is optimized through our requirement-specific design of the racking system.

We offer the following:-

. Pallet Racking
. Long Span Racking
. Mobile Racking
. Live Pallet Racking
. Cantilever Racking

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