Mezzanine floor with a difference

Creating a stockroom with height was a challenge. Especially when there was a slab above. It all started with banging a hole through a concrete slab at around 6 metres off ground establishing a void to allow for ground plus 2 tier mezzanine floor to be built.

Mezzanine floor with a difference

Once all the rubble was removed and the dust had settled, it was time for First Office Storage Concepts to get to work.  Another obstacle to overcome was the light weight concrete slab that we had to place our uprights onto.


Installing a plinth under every frame assisted in distributing the load over a larger floor area.  Plinths included a 5mm gusset under each upright for strength and rigidity .

A welded foot of 120 x 200 x 6mm was bolted onto the plinth for support and stability.   The plinth was then anchored into the slab with 6  M12/75 chemical anchors.


Installation started and as
each component was carefully
placed into its position, so the store came together.  Working on 2 tiers of mezzanine floors can get a little complicated but with the right drawings and a great installation crew it seemed to be quite simple


114 x2.5mm Floor panels were installed suitable for
the movement of merchandise trolley’s.  Perforated 229 x 2.5mm
floor panels placed between for ventilation and smoke extraction
2 Staircases measuring 1900mm wide connected the 2 mezzanine floors at strategic places.  Incline reversible Conveyors  moved the stock from ground to first and second floors.


From catwalks  to timber decks for packing of stock – to open floor areas for bulk storage. Down to the last detail of weight load signs,  First Office Storage Concepts can be proud of the final result.


First Office Storage Concepts is excited to have been part of the development of the astounding Mall of Africa, Africa’s largest single-phase shopping mall development to date.


First Office Storage Concepts is proud to be associated with big brands. Browse below for more images     Cosmo City Racking


No space? No problem !

The task of maximizing space in a chemical storage facility while adhereing to Health and Safety regulations inspired First Office Storage Concepts to design a Mobile Racking Systems for our customer. An option that maximizes storage in a limited space.

We needed to take into consideration various safety obstructions within the small and compact storage area ,which included extractor fans for extraction of excess chemical fumes. The fall of the slab to provide for a drain facilty, enabling cleaning and draining of surplus water and chemicals. As well as fire doors for evacuation.

Mobile rack with mechanical wheel
Mobile rack with mechanical wheel
Optimising the space


  • Effective use of available space.
  • Eliminating static aisles.
  • Fastest fire escape routes.
  • Our best suited product to store the clients 25 liter containers.
  • Most cost effective solution.


 Displaying static unit below


With the above considerations in mind the best suited storage solution is the mobile racking system. The advantage of mobile racking is that it makes for efficient room volume while at the same time allowing immediate individual access to every container location. With the mobile system there was a gain of approximately 33% storage space, which optimizes the space effectively.


Displaying mobile unit below

Mobile racking is a system where racking units are placed on a level track, making it possible to move heavy units with minimal effort. The system eliminates the need for permanent open aisles between every unit, the units are closely packed when access is not required, but can be readily moved to open up an aisle to allow access. The units are moved with a mechanical steering wheel wich is fixed on the side of each bay of racking .  All storage levels included steel mesh panels for safety and fire regulations

Mobile track and bases
Wire mesh decks on each level of beam
Wire mesh decks on each level of beam

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