Louvre Panel & Black Bins


Louvre Panels are a perfect storage choice as they maximize the display of any product. The Louvre panel hangs the storage bin making it look neat and saves valuable space in the process. Products are instantly visible and easily located.

The versatility of Louvre Panel is one of its greatest features, it can be free standing, mobile, wall or bench mounted to suit any environment.

The Louvre Panel & Black Bins are the perfect combination for all your small-parts storage – from toys and stationary to tools and appliances.

1 x Louvre Panel
4 x Size 1 Black Storage Bins
4 x Size 2 Black Storage Bins
3 x Size 3 Black Storage Bins
2 x Size 4 Black Storage Bins
1 x Size 5 Black Storage Bins


R947.00 excluding VAT

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